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Consorcio de Jabugo,origin of iberian pork
100% Iberian
We present you with an animal that is unique to the world, an authentic breed raised in idyllic surroundings. Its diet of acorns and the privileged conditions of the meadows give it very special characteristics.
Tradition and Ritual

In this magical place Consorcio de Jabugo have been making Iberian hams, shoulders, meats and sausages for more than 26 years, conserving their legendary origins:

respect for tradition and the know-how of their masters. Tireless seekers of the highest quality, so our products always have the fame they deserve.

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Capa Negra
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Capa Negra
"The quality of their products
holds an infinite number of incredible surprises and sensations."
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Consorcio de Jabugo
Avda. Infanta María Luisa, s/n. 21290 Jabugo, Huelva, Spain
T.:(+34) 959 121 155 · F.:(+34) 959 121 067 ·
Headquarters and offices
Avda. de la Constitución, nº 24, 5ª Pta. 41004, Sevilla, Spain
T.:(+34) 955 024 694 · F.:(+34) 955 024 695 ·